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Port Blair is the capital city of Andaman & Nicobar Islands and your gateway for visiting these beautiful islands. You will have to touch down in Port Blair before you to start a magnificent journey through these emeralds of the east.

Port Blair is well connected to the mainland India by both air and sea. It’s a just 2 hour flight from both Chennai and Kolkata, whereas the ship would typically take 3 days to reach Port Blair from Chennai, Kolkata and Visakhapatnam. The Airport and Sea Port are right in the heart of the City and would hardly take 15 to 20 minutes from there to reach your hotel to drop off you baggage and kick start your vacation.  

The city has a unique blend of historical monuments and sun toasted beaches which will overwhelm you as you go hoping around these places.

Cellular Jail 

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History knows Cellular Jail as the Kala Pani (black waters), as it has witnessed the darkest days of the freedom struggle.  The prison was used by the British especially to exile political prisoners to the remote archipelago. As you get down from the car and walk towards the prison gate, you will see the massive structure which is quite intimidating. Once you make your way through the gates and enter the main holding area you would see an old pupil tree which has seen everything, the rise of the massive structure, the torture and pain of the freedom fighters, and the fall of the British Empire. 

The jail, completed in the year 1906 acquired the name ‘Cellular’ because it is entirely made up of individual cells for the solitary confinement. It originally was a seven prolonged, puce-colored building with central-tower acting as its fulcrum and a massive structure comprising honeycomb like corridors. The building was subsequently damaged and presently three out of the seven wings are intact. As you walk down these corridors it will make you nostalgic and fill your heart with patriotism. You can even walk into the scanty cells to get a feel of it. The Cellular Jail today houses a Freedom Fighters Photo and Exhibition Gallery, Art Gallery, Netaji Gallery and a Library on Freedom Movement. To pay homage to the freedom fighters and martyrs who had given up everything for our freedom, an eternal flame of freedom – ‘Swatantrya Jyot’ has been instituted in the Jail. 

Don’t miss the Sound and Light show in the Cellular Jail which narrates the saga of the Indian freedom struggle, brought alive through sound and light effect. There are two shows in the evening (English & Hindi).

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Ross Island

This small island, less than a square kilometre stands right across Port Blair, had once served as the British capital. It was then called the Venice of the east because it had magnificent architectural works, but today you will find only their remnants tangled by wild vines and trunks of century old trees. 


Ross being a small island, you can spend the whole day exploring it on foot. You can experience the joy of bird watching and the thrills of trekking as you explore this beautiful island. You will be amazed when you see deer’s , peacocks and rabbits escorting you around the island.  


The perfect way to end your expedition of Ross is to witness the light and sound show which tells the history of this island.

Viper Island

Viper is a very small island across the naval base in Port Blair and derives its name from the vessel ‘Viper’ in which Captain Archibald Blair came to these islands in 1768. Historians believe the vessel met with an accident and its wreckage was abandoned near the island.


Before the Cellular jail was built, Viper was used to imprison convicts and political prisoners and had witnessed the worst of time. Over the years Viper Island’s name is lost in history, but still today the remnants of the gallows will make you feel the pain which our freedom fighters went through.


You can go around the Island exploring the beauty and essence of nature.


Carbyn's Cove

This beautiful beach is right in the city, around 5 Km from the clock tower. As you approach the beach you would see the streak of coconut trees standing tall the cost line bringing out a unique blend of blue and green. You can enjoy a swim or indulge in some water sport activities like jet skiing, Parasailing and scuba diving.

North Bay

As the name suggest this beach is towards the north of Port Blair and provides you a great opportunity to explore the fringing coral reefs.  You can go scuba, snorkeling or even sea walking to explore the beauty beneath the ocean. As you dive under you will find school of fishes swimming around you in complete harmony.


About 29 Kms. west of Port Blair is the famous Wandoor beach known for its      scenic beauty and is very popular among tourists. The range of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is just across Wandoor Beach. One can take a dip in it warm clear water.


Collinpur is a 36 Kms drive from Port Blair and has a beautiful sandy beach with shallow water which is ideally suitable for swimming, sun-basking and sunset viewing.  The beach has a Japanese bunker which is half submerged in  water and one can easily swim up to it.


This pristine beach on the southernmost tip of South Andaman Island provides paranomic view of the sun setting across the sea filling one’s heart with joy. This beach is ideally suited for swimming, but one can also go trekking and bird watching along its coast line.

Cinque Island

​Cinque is one of the most beautiful islands in Andaman and mostly untouched and unexplored.  What makes it most beautiful is the sand bar connecting the twin islands!!  The water here is pristine and crystal clear and ideal for scuba and snorkeling. 

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